Pork cuts come from four main sections: shoulder, loin, back, belly, rib, ham. A variety of cuts are derived from each of these sections. In addition, offal such as hind shank, front feet, leg hocks, neck bone riblet off, tail, jowl skin on or skin removed, tongue, tongue root trimmed, liver, heart, kidney, diaphragm trimmed, diaphragm untrimmed, belly skins, back skins, mixed skins, back fat, cutting fat, pork carcass, pork side and trimmings are offered at the best price.

Code: P2001

Shoulder, Butt, Boneless

Code: P2002

Shoulder, Butt, Bone-in

Code: P2003

Sholulder-Picnic, Boneless

Code: P2004

Hocks Removed Shoulder Picnic