Chuck Brisket & shank Ribs Loin Surloin Plate & flank Hip


Beef cuts come from five main sections: chuck, rib, loin, sirloin, hip, brisket, shank, plate, flank. A variety of cuts are derived from each of these sections. In addition, offal such as liver, paunch, honeycomb tripe, mountain chain tripe, oxtail, neck bone, hind shank bone, femur bone, foreshank bone, pelvic bone, head meat, cheek meat, lips, weasand, lungs, sweetbread, heart (full), heart cap meat, heart cap meat off and bone out, kidney, feet, tendons flexor, bone marrow, trimmings, caul fat and tongue (swiss cut or square cut) are offered at a very competitive price.

Code: B1001

Chuck, Square Cut

Code: B1002

Chuck, Shoulder (Clod)

Code: B1003

Shoulder (Clod),Top Blade

Code: B1004

Shoulder (Clod), Arm Roast

Code: B1005

Chuck, Shoulder Tender (IM)

Code: B1006

Chuck, Square Cut, Boneless

Code: B1007

Chuck, Square Cut, Pectoral Meat

Code: B1008

Chuck, Chuck Roll

Code: B1009

Chuck, Chuck Tender

Code: B1010

Chuck, Chuckeye Roll

Code: B1011

Chuck, Under Blade Roast

Code: B1012

Chuck, Under Blade, Center-Cut 

Code: B1013

Chuck, Chuckeye (IM)

Code: B1014

Chuck Roll, 3-Way

Code: B1015

Chuck, Short Ribs

Code: B1016

Chuck, Short Ribs, Boneless