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Welcome to InstaChoice Foods International.

We would like to thank all of our current customers for their loyalty and we would also like to take this opportunity to invite new customers to join us.

InstaChoice Foods is an international and domestic food industry leader who has a large network of customers and food producers with more than 1,100 food products to and from over 90 countries.

Our worldwide sourcing allows us to select the required food products from the leading and the most reliable food producers from all around the world in order to deliver to our customers the food product they expect to receive at the best price, in perfect condition and on time to any location in the world and that on a daily basis.

We are a one stop food supplier who specializes in the export and the import of first quality fresh and frozen food products such as meat: beef and pork; poultry: chicken, turkey and duck; fish; seafood; dairy; fruits; vegetables; juices; grains, pulses and oil seeds; maple syrup; honey; spring water and many other food products.

Our food market sales experts are interested in understanding each of our current and future customers’ needs in order to provide them with a unique international trade service that stands out above competition.

InstaChoice Foods is ready to serve you as well as discussing new business opportunities.