About Us

InstaChoice Foods International continuously relies on its global market expertise in order to provide to its customers relevant market information such as the most recent market activities, future market movements, future market trends and the best time to buy or to sell.

Good and confident business decisions require accurate and timely market intelligence.

We source our products from the leading and the most reliable food producers from all around the world enabling us to supply to our customers a wide variety of first quality fresh and frozen food products that are inspected, certified and follow strict safety and hygiene compliances and who are offered at the most competitive price.

Our multilingual, experienced and resourceful food market sales experts are committed in providing you with a wide variety of food products in order to satisfy all of your food product needs.

Furthermore, our food market sales experts will manage and will eliminate all of the risks associated with the international trade of the required food product, ultimately saving you valuable time and money.

InstaChoice Foods is a proud member of the world food industry. We are associated with the world’s leading agri-food organizations such as the Canadian Association of Importers Exporters (CAIE), the Meat Importers Council of America (MICA),MIGRA and.

We support the highest standards and practices in the food industry and we operate at the highest level of integrity and professionalism.